Reformed Presbyterian Church exists to gather and perfect the saints through the ordinary means of grace: Word, Prayer, and Sacraments, for the Glory of God and the joy of God’s people.
What does this look like at RPC?

We prize corporate worship—The Psalmist says, “The LORD loves the gates of Zion; More than all the other dwelling places of Jacob.” We gather together in order lift up our voices in order to praise our God—our Maker and our Savior.

Our worship services are simple, reverent, dignified, and centered on the Word of God. We read and preach from the Bible. We pray, confess our faith, and celebrate the sacraments. We sing hymns and psalms of the Christian faith with simple musical accompaniment that assists our singing. We recite the creeds of the ancient church, along with the confessions and catechisms of the Reformation.

We prize the Word of God and Biblical Preaching— This is the ordinary and main way God works in the church. It is in preaching that God speaks to us and reveals His truth and will too us from His Word—the Bible..

We prize the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper)—these are the tokens of God’s grace given to us by Jesus Himself to nourish and sustain our faith—because as Thomas Goodwin said, “Sacraments…preach the gospel to the eye, as the promise does to the ear.”

We prize godly fellowship—we have a weekly fellowship lunch after worship, where we get to know one another and we spend time together in order to grow in grace together. We gather for fellowship at other times, and get to know each other in our homes and develop Christian friendships.